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Creative Director & Producer

Therese is known for her eye, creativity, curiosity and her epic team leadership. Her driving force has always been reaching for the “impossible.”


Her career launched as the Director of Talent at  J.Crew marrying the world of Vogue directly to the new brand launch “Classics.” “It was like going from 1st gear to 5th… in a Ferrari.”-Therese Ryan Mahar/The Kingdom of Prep inside story of J.Crew 2023.


Her success at J.Crew led to the start of her own eponymous full-service talent agency representing photographers, stylists and artists worldwide. A trailblazer by nature and early champion of the internet, digital production and its transformation of the way people view, shop and access fashion. Partnering with The Neiman Marcus Group in 1997 the first luxury .com site was launched with tremendous success. For over 25 years Therese has been connecting top photographers, stylists, directors and artists with the world's most prominent brands and publications .

To date Therese has brought her creative vision and deep knowledge of branding, marketing with her sixth sense of placement to the health and wellness markets. Partnering with the Mayo Clinic among other clients  creating cutting-edge global campaigns.

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